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“We are all seeing our goals manifest”

“At a time in my life when I needed to connect with like-minded people, along comes Carl Harvey with the Inner Circle. I would sacrifice my coffees to pay the fee for this group. I have been blessed beyond measure. People in our group are amazing… we really love and support each other, and with all that powerful vibration and intention setting together, we are all seeing our goals manifest, AND SO MUCH MORE.”

Rebecca Thomas-Conolly

“I’m now actively working toward a career and lifestyle I choose”

“The Inner Circle has been integral in altering the trajectory of my career and life. I’m now actively working toward a career and lifestyle I choose. This is due in great part to The Big Life and The Inner Circle. It allows you to make possible what once seemed impossible. Carl’s infectious spirit and personal Inner Circle trainings, the plethora of informative speakers, and innovative techniques and meditations (which you can return to time and again as an IC member) have imparted a continuous stream of inspiration and motivation for me. What’s been just as invaluable is the Inner Circle community, a unique and insightful group that provides beneficial feedback. They have become the support system that I don’t readily have in my daily life.”

Lani Bless

“The Inner Circle rocks!”

“Being around Carl’s Energy is amazing! He is always in a mood for giving, all the time. Getting access to all the Big Life training is priceless, and spending just 2 minutes in the group, you see how he was able to attract a group of like minded people who are already/on the way to Living a Big Life. Carl is always there to push you to live the life you deserve, a Big One, filled with Abundance, Happiness and Riches. *The Inner Circle rocks!*"

Jason Campbell

“I feel blessed to be a part of such an abundance of Big hearted people.”

“Wow Carl, who knew TBL Inner Circle would be packed full of such great stuff. It’s certainly a novelty in my life to be able to talk to like minded people who really get me. I love how everyone spreads the love by sharing knowledge, stories, advice, encouragement, interesting links, and uplifting energy. I feel blessed to be a part of such an abundance of Big hearted people. Thank you for creating our new TBL ‘home’.”

Elizabeth Ruse

“I love The Big Life’s Inner Circle community”

“I love The Big Life’s Inner Circle community. I recently hit rock bottom, but have turned it around big time thanks to Mindvalley and The Big Life. Carl, I love your commitment… your energy… your enthusiasm… and the special prices you always negotiate for us. The Inner Circle is the best group out there – the people are fantastic, plus the training & products are amazing… Thank you so much!”

Steven Sutton

“Carl is living proof that giving works.”

“The Big Life inner circle connects those of us who have become aware of the practices and attitudes that will lead to our Big Life. There is momentum and progress that happens when a powerfully vibrating group of people like the Big Life community connect.

Each Big Life episode arrives with Carl’s infectious enthusiasm and generosity. Big Life episodes don’t have the “sell, sell, sell” feeling that other personal growth webinars have sometimes. There is always enough for free to get huge benefits and there is always Carl’s own endorsement, working with these techniques to continue to live and grow his own Big Life and continue to inspire us. *Carl is living proof that giving works.*"

Linda Francis

“Thank you for encouraging me to live a Big Life!”

"The Big Life Inner Circle rocks! Access to the interviews plus the bonuses 24/7 is great. However, the best part is the absolutely, stand-on-your-head, incredible group of people in the inner circle. Everyone is so supportive of one another, shares and there is ZERO negative stuff.

Carl asks for our advice, listens to our suggestions and recommendations. Thank you for your enthusiasm, honesty, positive energy and high vibration! Thank you for encouraging me to live a Big Life!”

Karen Tooley

“Truly grateful and thankful for having the Inner Circle (my new family) in my life!”

“Before joining the inner circle, i felt like my life was out of control. I had little confidence, poor health, unhealthy relationships. Everyday seemed like an uphill struggle. But now for first time in over a decade, I have got my life back. And it’s thanks to the amazing 1st class education you get from the inner circle and its community. I have meet some amazing friends, from all over the world – who truly rock – and have played a massive part in helping me take back control of my life… thanks to their amazing support and inspirational stories. I am truly grateful and thankful for having the Inner Circle (my new family) in my life!”

Simon Haigh

“I love how pumped and happy I am after listening to him!”

“I had a health crisis and near death experience in 2011 that virtually wiped away my life as I knew it. I was working with other programs but I wasn’t able to keep steady progress. I would lose interest or focus. So life was very frustrating for me. Then The Big Life came along! Carl’s enthusiasm is contagious! I love how pumped and happy I am after listening to him! The content Carl provides each week has been fabulous… and I have a new lease on life! I listen to something from the Inner Circle daily and it has honestly put my life back on track. Best investment I make for myself every month. I recommend The Big Life Inner Circle to everyone!

Jan Frederick

“Changed my life”

“Carl Harvey and the Big Life Inner Circle have changed my life. I’ve enjoyed astonishing value on so many levels! I’ve gained such a wealth of information by watching Big Life episodes, trainings and bonuses at my leisure. Carl gains way more insight from his guests than most others do by virtue of his questioning style.

And the Inner Circle community – oh my goodness, this group is simply full of love, support, sharing of knowledge and ideas. This group has literally made my heart sing as I communicate from people all over the Globe.

If you’re reading this and wonder if the Inner Circle is for you, then I’d advise you to jump right in, ‘cause the “water” is lovely, warm and refreshing. I still can’t believe that a monthly payment of ten dollars gives you all of these benefits and more besides…”

Danny Greene

“The Inner Circle was the very best thing I did in 2014!”

“Carl Harvey is a Rock Star in the personal growth &smp;transformation industry. Finding my way to The Big Life and the Inner Circle was the very best thing I did in 2014! Carl’s dynamic personality and laid back style combined with his enthusiasm for sharing knowledge with the world, make The Big Life an exciting and fun way to learn and grow.”

Elaine Conrad

“Carl brings a fresh, unique (and sometimes controversial) approach. His passion for people & possibility makes his voice an inspiring addition to the personal growth world… Now and for years to come.”

Jamie Smart

Author of the Worldwide #1Bestseller, Clarity

“Carl Harvey has transformed his life and already helped over 250,000+ people over the past couple years. I really like what he’s doing, and believe his work will be an excellent addition to your success library.”

Dr. Joe Vitale

New York Times #1 bestselling author and star of The Secret

“Carl is inspiring, lives and breathes personal growth and asks killer questions. Plus, he has helped me to release some scarcity blocks that I didn’t even know I had. Trust me, you’ll love him and learn a lot!”

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder of Mindvalley

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